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New! Motion Control Components & Technology Added 10-29-2014

Steinmeyer Ball Screw Baner


Gotcha Stick "Gotcha Stick" from STI Features New Dimensions for Human Arm

Scientific Technologies, Inc. (STI), introduces the new "Gotcha Stick" Safe Distance Scale. This three-segment safe distance stick accurately tests the allowable barrier opening size based on the distance from the point of operation. It features English measurements on one side, and Metric measurements on the other.

Click here for more information.

Keep Your Work Place Safe! Click here to Order

Industrial Drill Head Drills Micro Holes with Exactly Defined Geometry in Different Materials!

Steinmeyer Laser Drills Exactly Defined Geometry in Different Materials!

BURLINGTON, MA --At the LASYS 2014 in Stuttgart Steinmeyer Mechatronik presented a wide product range of innovative positioning solutions for the extensive field of laser material processing and optical components. The international trade fair for laser material processing shows the entire user spectrum of lasers, covering a comprehensive range of laser applications across different industries and materials.

Click here for more information on this Industrial Drill Head for Exactly Defined Holes from Electromate

Electromate Announces: "GAM Launches New Gearbox Sizing Tool!"

Electromate announces Gam's Motion Control Gearbox sizing tool

Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada -- Electromate a supplier of motion control gearboxes announces - GAM’s new Sizing Tool makes it easy to find the right gear reducer, coupling, or linear mount product compatible with your motor. Simply select your motor, adjust the ratings based on the application, and narrow down the products that match.

Over 9,000 of the most popular servomotors on the market are available for selection. After choosing a motor, easily narrow down the list of matching products by filtering attributes.

Click here for more information this GearBox Sizing tool and information on Gam Gear Boxes Available from Electromate

New! "roll-slide Mini" Linear Motion System from LM76!

Roll-Slide Mini Linear system from LM76!

E. Longmeadow, MA – -- LM76 Has introduced the "roll-slide Mini," a low cost roller slide that is ideal for photographers, and other positioning applications, in the industrial, medical, pharmaceutical, packaging, and aerospace and defense industries. The stainless steel track available in lengths to 1200 mm (47.24 in.) long and the electrodeless nickel plated carriage and sealed stainless bearings can all be washed down. This smooth running, quiet linear motion system features factory preset zero-clearance, low friction 440C roller bearings eliminating the stiction problem associated with some solid polymer bearings and plain bearing slides. The rolling friction of the "roll-slide mini" linear motion system is just .010 to.003!

Click here for more information on this Low Cost "roll-slide" Mini Linear Motion System

Motorized Linear Vertical (Z Axis) Stages from OES!!

OES Motion Control Pick-and-Hold Modules

Van Nuys, CA - Motion Control – Optimal Engineering Systems, Inc. (OES) offers a variety of low cost Motorized Linear Vertical (Z Axis) Stages. The ZS10-120 Vertical Stage is a high resolution, low profile, high load stage (to 15 kg 33 lbs) that can be easily integrated into almost any application. The 220 mm x 140 mm stage (8.7 in. 5.5 in.) has a vertical travel of 110 mm (4.3 In.), and up to 0.25µ(20 MicroStep) resolution.

Click here for more information on Motorized Vertical Lifts from Optimal Emgineering Systems (OES)

New ATEX and UL Class I, Div. 2 Hazardous Location Certified HMI Solutions from Exor!

Series eTOP500 Glass. No Limits HMI

Servo2Go - Motion Control HMI Technology for the Factory Floor from Servo2Go

Greenville, DE -Factory Automation, Motion Control -— The eTOP Series 500 Glass is the ideal choice for Oil and Gas applications and installation in harsh environments. IP69K - extended temperature range (-20°C +60°C), ATEX, UL and DNV approvals.

Series 500 Glass is the ideal solution for harsh environments and for extreme, factory, outdoor, marine, and automotive applications.

Click here for more information on HMI Solutions for Hazardous Factory Floor Contitions from EXOR

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