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New! Motion Control Components & Technology Added 8-27-2014

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Gotcha Stick "Gotcha Stick" from STI Features New Dimensions for Human Arm

Scientific Technologies, Inc. (STI), introduces the new "Gotcha Stick" Safe Distance Scale. This three-segment safe distance stick accurately tests the allowable barrier opening size based on the distance from the point of operation. It features English measurements on one side, and Metric measurements on the other.

Click here for more information.

Keep Your Work Place Safe! Click here to Order

Closed Loop Hybrid (2 Phase Brushless) Linear Motor Stage!

Santa Clarita, CA —- - Linear Motor Positioning Stage -- This revolutionary new series of single axis linear stepper stages, integrates a linear encoder into the single-axis linear stepper motor stage to operate the linear stepper motor as a 2 phase brushless linear motor, when coupled with state-of-the-art motion control electronics package provided by H2W. This allows H2W's stage to achieve speeds and accelerations previously unachievable with a linear stepper motor.

Click here for more information on These Closed Loop 2 Phase Brushless Linear Motors from H2W Tech!

NK Technologies Ground Fault Protection

Electromate Offers Range of Tabletop Robots from IAI!

Improved Tabletop Robot for Cell Production Applications, Featuring Significantly Higher Payload, Maximum Speed and Rigidity!

Electromate offers the IAI Table Top Robots

Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada --Intelligent Actuator Inc. announces the release of its new TTA Series Tabletop Robots. Four operating ranges are available to choose from. The 3-axis specification is available in two types of Z-axis strokes: 100mm and 150mm. You can select a model ideal for the size of your work part. Additional options let you change the Y-axis height and position.

Click here for more information on These IAI Table Top Robots available from Electromate!

Maxon Motor Takes Part in Chase to Catch Up with a Comet!

After more than ten years of travel through space, the European space probe Rosetta has reached the comet Chury. Three months from now, for the first time in the history of space travel, a lander will touch down on the surface of the four-kilometer-wide comet. Motion Control DC motors manufactured by maxon are part of this pioneering feat.

Maxon DC Motors used in Coment Lander

Fall River, MA -- On August 6th, the big day finally arrived: After a journey of more than ten years, the Rosetta space probe reached the comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, known as "Chury". The mission team at the European Space Agency (ESA) jumped for joy. For the first time in the history of space travel, a probe has rendezvoused with a comet. It will now orbit and map the comet and gather various types of data. Already, the first images received have yielded astonishing new insights: The comet Chury, which is four kilometers wide, is not round or oval, but instead looks like two rocks loosely stuck together.

Click here for more information on The Rosetta Mission and Maxon's DC Motors!

Underwater Linear Actuators For Surface Vehicles, Submersibles, and Marine Applications!

Under Water Linear Actuator

Cutchogue, NY -- Ultra Motion, LLC has over 15 years experience in manufacturing actuators for underwater applications. With thousands of units in the field, and hundreds of thousands of hours of operating time, our proven track record is why Ultra Motion motion control actuators are trusted in numerous underwater applications. Whether our sealed actuators are articulating arms on an ROV at 20,000 feet under the ocean, operating control surfaces on mine-sweeper sleds towed by US Naval helicopters, or simply controlling fountain display.

Click here for more information on Linear Actuator for Under Water Applications!

Motorized Rotary Stage, the AR39-AH Available from OES!

OES AR39-AH Rotary Table

Van Nuys, CA - Rotary Stages - A rotary stage is a component of a motion control system used to restrict an object to a single axis of rotation. The terms rotary table or rotation stage are often used interchangeably with rotary stage. Our motion control rotary stages provide accurate positioning performance in a low profile and compact footprint. They are perfect for the limitations and requirements of the laboratory and are also used in manufacturing environments. These stages are ideal for optics, measurement, alignment and other demanding applications.

Click here for more information on Precision Rotary Table from OES!

Select Pittman NEMA Frame Brushless Servo Motor/Encoders from Servo2Go!

Nema 23 Brushless Servo Motor, 26.5 oz-in Cont. Torque, 24VDC winding, 1000cpr encoder

Servo2Go - NEMA 23 Motors from Pittman

Greenville, DE --— Pittman's family of motion control Nema 23 slotted brushless DC motors have internal Hall sensor feedback for linear speed-torque characteristics, high starting torque and variable speed control with appropriate drive electronics. These motors were designed for high volume manufacturing and low unit cost as the primary criteria. Modifications to the shaft, winding and mechanical mounting are available for OEM applications.

Click here for more information on Pittman's Brushless Servo Motors Available from Servo2Go!

Linear Stepper Positioning Stage from H2W Technologies!

H2W Technologies 6lb Linear Stepper Stage

Santa Clarita, CA —-- H2W introduces the motion control LSS-060-04-006-ME linear stepper positioning stage which is part of the LSS series family. This stage has a stroke of 60 in [1500 mm] and generates 6 lbs [26.6 N] of continuous force. It incorporates a 1 micron resolution linear encoder, which when operated under closed loop control, improves system accuracy and repeatability.

Click here for more information on Linear Stepper Positioning Stage from H2W!

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