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New! Motion Control Components & Technology Added 7-27-2015

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Gotcha Stick "Gotcha Stick" from STI Features New Dimensions for Human Arm

Is Your Work Place Safe? ... STI introduces the new "Gotcha Stick" Safe Distance Scale. This three-segment safe distance stick accurately tests the allowable barrier opening size. It is based on the distance from the point of operation. It features English measurements on one side, and Metric measurements on the other.

Click here for more information.

Keep Your Work Place Safe! Click here to Order

Dual Axis Linear Motion Stepper Motors from H2W Technologies!

H2W Technologies Dual Axis Air Bearing Stepper Stage

Santa Clarita, CA —-- H2W Technologies’ dual axis linear stepper motors are ideal for open loop positioning applications requiring 2 axis of motion in a single plane. They can perform at speeds of up to 80 in/sec [2 m/sec] and strokes of up to 20 in x 30 in [0.5 m x 0.75 m]. Linear stepper motors are capable of very precise position, velocity, and acceleration control when coupled with a micro-stepping drive and indexer.

The moving assembly called the “forcer” is supported by magnetically preloaded air bearings that are imbedded in the active surface of the forcer.

Click here for more information about H2W Technologies Dual Axes Steppers!

MICROMO Introduces the IEH3-4096 3 Channel Encoder!

 Motion Control  - Micro Motion 3 Channel Encoder from MICROMO!

Clearwater, Florida - Motion Control - Micro Motion Encoders - The new IEH3 4096 series from FAULHABER is the most compact 3 channel encoder of its class. The new model delivers two square‐wave signals as well as an additional index channel. It offers a higher resolution, an extended operating temperature range and improved speed control, especially in the low speed range. The encoder increases the length of the motor by just 1.4 mm and can be combined with numerous precious‐metal commutated DC motors of the FAULHABER SR series measuring 15 to 22 mm in diameter. Since they are used in extremely small machines and assemblies, size is a decisive factor.

Click here for more information about MICROMO's Most compact 3 Channel Encoder in Its Class!

Linear Bearing Application - Polishing Machine's Linear Ball Bearing Failures Solved by LM76!

Linear Motion Control  - LM76 Application - Polished Hub Cap!

E. Longmeadow, MA – -Linear Motion Application Story ...

The Application -

Polishing Aluminum Truck Wheels is done with a polishing machine that has a 36" vertical stroke indexer, having a 2500 pound load moving @ 4" per second. The polishing media is like toothpaste with glass in it. It is extremely abrasive, and sticky/tacky.

The Problem -

The industrial buffing system is chewing-up linear ball bearings and spitting them out every 2 weeks!

Click here for more information about How LM76 Solved A "STICKY" Problem for a Truck Wheel Manufacturer!

Maxon Sets New Standards in Micro Drives--High Performance Drive in a Small Package!

Maxon's smallest DC brushless motor is only four millimeters in diameter and comes in two different lengths. Certified in accordance with ISO 13485, the new brushless micro drive is ideal for medical applications.

Maxon motion control EC4 motor for medical applications

Fall River, MA -- Motion Control -- The EC 4 brushless DC motor is maxon motor's ultra-compact solution to the market needs. As the smallest micromotor to come from the Swiss manufacturer, the EC 4 is only four millimeters in diameter. It is available in two lengths, with power ratings of 0.5 and 1 W. Equipped with an ironless maxon winding, the EC 4 stands out for its robust design, high power density, and energy efficiency.

Click here for more information about these High Performance Bruchless Micro Drives from Maxon!

High Force Air Bearing XY Voice Coil Positioning Stage!

H2W Technologies High Force Moving Magnet Voice Coil Stage

Santa Clarita, CA —-- H2W introduces its latest custom XY voice coil positioning stage (VCS08-700-08/350-AB-01-MC-XY) which is guided by precision air bearings. This minimizes the amount of friction and reduces the pitch, yaw, and roll in the system. The stage is driven by three NCC series moving coil type linear actuators which are guided by parallel air bearing shafts. It is operated under closed loop position control. This system was designed specifically for an accelerometer testing application.

Click here for more information about these High Force Air Bearing Stages from H2W Technologies!

SSI interface in JVL Integrated QuickStep Motors!

JVL- Motion Control Absolute Encoders

Connection of absolute encoders with SSI-interface

Birkerød, Denmark and Morrow, OH (USA) -- The firmware of JVL’s Motion Control QuickStep motors has been extended with yet another function: an SSI encoder interface. It is thus possible to integrate absolute encoder functions in the QuickStep integrated stepper motors and in the stepper motor controller SMC75. Typically, motion absolute-encoders are used when there is a need to continue operation immediately after power is re-applied to a machine or system — without first having to perform a zero-search reset. Another major reason for using absolute encoders is to correct motor position in relation to the actual physical absolute position measured by the SSI encoder.

Click here for more information about these Absolute Encoders with SSI-interface from JVL!

New DMC-30019 Controller for the Piezo LEGS® Motor Series from MICROMO!

MICROMO Miniature Piezo Motor Controller.

The DMC-30019 Single-Axis Controller - Controlled by Galil Technology

Clearwater, Florida - MICROMO is pleased to announce that PiezoMotor Uppsala AB (Sweden), leading provider of linear and rotary high end motion control positioning systems, is announcing the latest drive option for the high precision Piezo LEGS® motor series. The new DMC-30019 is a single-axis controller based on architecture from Galil, Inc.

“Galil makes high end motion controllers that are widely used within areas like semiconductor, medtech, automation control, optics and research” says Olle Lindkvist, Marketing Manager (PiezoMotor). “Engineers worldwide can now benefit from familiarity of the Galil interface when they design control systems using piezoelectric motors. The Piezo LEGS® motor, together with the new DMC-30019, gives outstanding motion control performance in high precision applications.”

Click here for more information about these Piezo LEGS® Motor Controllers from MICROMO!

"3 Axis" Single Rail Positioning Stage from H2W Technologies!

H2W 3 Axis-Single Rail Motion Control Linear Positioning Stage

Santa Clarita, CA —-- H2W Technologies' single rail positioning stage utilized in a six axis demo, which coordinates three linear motor driven axis with three rotary motor driven axis. It utilizes AMC's Click&Move® automation solution software along with AMC's servo control drives to achieve the desired motion profiles. There is no external controller or hardware used..

The multi-axis SRS-EX series stage is ideal for closed loop positioning applications that require independent multiple motions on a single travel plane in a compact, small footprint. Each moving table has an independent motion encoder head reading a single encoder scale.

Click here for more information about these 3 Axis Single Rail Positioning Stage!

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