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New! Motion Control Components & Technology Added 5-20-2015

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Gotcha Stick "Gotcha Stick" from STI Features New Dimensions for Human Arm

Is Your Work Place Safe? ... STI introduces the new "Gotcha Stick" Safe Distance Scale. This three-segment safe distance stick accurately tests the allowable barrier opening size. It is based on the distance from the point of operation. It features English measurements on one side, and Metric measurements on the other.

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Keep Your Work Place Safe! Click here to Order

New Steinmeyer Precision Piezo Rotary Table!

Steinmeyer DT65-NM Piezo Powered Motion Control Rotary Tabl

BURLINGTON, MA -Motion Control Rotary Table -Steinmeyer, Inc. announced another addition to its extensive family of motion control positioning stages. Rotary stages are usable in a broad range of applications. They can be combined with their linear and XY-stages and can be offered with direct reading rotary encoder depending on the application. The new Motion Control DT65-NM is driven by a 280V Nanomotion piezo motor with 9N holding force . The stage body is manufactured from a low distortion aluminum alloy (black anodized) and includes high stiffness, Backlash-free preloaded four-point ball bearings, made of stainless steel.

Click here for more information about these Piezo Drive Rotary Tables from Steinmeyer!

Linear Stepper Positioning Stage from H2W Technologies Features Stroke Lengths to 60 Inches!

H2W Technologies 6lb Linear Motion Stepper Stage

Santa Clarita, CA —-- Motion Control Linear Positioning Stage - H2W introduces the LSS-060-04-006-ME linear stepper positioning stage which is part of the LSS series family. This stage has a stroke of 60 in [1500 mm] and generates 6 lbs [26.6 N] of continuous force. It incorporates a 1 micron resolution linear encoder, which when operated under closed loop control, improves system accuracy and repeatability. This LSS series is a motion control linear stepper positioning stage, which integrates H2W’s linear stepper motor along with a linear encoder. The moving stepper forcer has a lower mass, which makes it ideal for high acceleration applications (0.5 to 1.5 meters per second) with light payloads (less than 1 kg).

Click here for more information about these Linear Stepper Stages from H2W Technologies!

New 24V Integrated Electric Actuators Are Rated to 500N Max. Thrust!

24 Volt Linear Actuators Available from Servo2Go!

Greenville, DE --— Motion Control - has just added remarkable new additions to its broad range of cost-effective 24V electric linear actuators from Dyadic Systems. The SCN6 series actuators are compact yet powerful integrated mechatronic cylinders that feature a motor, encoder, drive and actuator in one integral package. Dyadic Systems has developed the motion control linear actuator drive mechanism such that the screw and nut are optimized for high accuracy, long life and low cost while delivering high speed and peak thrust.

Click here for more information about these 24V Integrated Electric Actuators Available from Servo2Go!

Application - Robotic Rib Spreading Tool to Help Patients Hurt Less and Heal Faster!

One advanced technology company is taking on the challenge of developing hand-held, robotic surgical instruments to help patients hurt less and heal faster. High torque maxon motors ensure jerk-free movement of the tool.

Application Story - Maxon Motors makes Chest Surgery Less Painful Aids Recovery!

Fall River, MA -- Motion Control - Application - Story -- It may sound unbelievable, but some tools that physicians use to perform invasive surgery were originally developed in the 1930s and have gone through minimal updating since. Most often, these tools have been efficient enough to do the job, even if patients took a long time to heal. This is especially true when a surgeon has to enter the chest cavity for heart or lung operations. To date, there are two primary methods used to open a space large enough for a doctor to work inside the chest: a thoracotomy or a sternotomy.

Click here for more information about This interesting Application Story using Maxon's Motors!

LM76's SLIDE RAIL 2 Featuring ... ... Advanced INJECT2 Technology!

Linear Motion Control  - LM76 INJECT2 Technology!  Comp photo

E. Longmeadow, MA – - Motion Control - Linear Motion - Advanced Linear Block and Rail System - SLIDE RAIL 2 is both novel and innovative. Unlike injection molded, plastic-lined block and rail systems, INJECT2 Technology's unique properties ensure higher loads, 1/2 the coefficient of friction and increased toughness for shock, vibration and contamination in motion control applications. INJECT2 Technology's low friction, self-lubricating sliding surface guarantees smooth, quiet and contamination proof operation. SLIDE RAIL 2 begins with a machined aluminum carnage block and a ceramic coated aluminum extruded 20mm rail ...

Click here for more information about This interesting technology and LM76's SLIDE RAIL 2 block and rails!

Netzer’s New DS-58 Absolute Position Rotary Encoder Features 18 bit Resolution!

Motion Control - Netzer's 18 bit Electric Encoders from Electromate

Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada - Motion Control - Encoders - Netzer's world-wide patented, rugged high performance Electric Encoder™ technology, suits a wide variety of applications ranging from space and avionics, through military and defense, to instrumentation and automotive. Netzer motion control Rotary EncodersMotion Control feature absolute or incremental position feedback providing analog or digital outputs.

The Non-contact, absolute-position Electric Encoder™ relies on interaction between the measured displacement and an internally shielded, space/time modulated, electric field and offers features unsurpassed by traditional optical and magnetic encoders.

Click here for more information about These 18 Bit Electric Encoders available from Electromate!

MICROMO’s New FAULHABER 2057…BHS Brushless DC Servo Motor!

Robust, High Speed Motors for Medical and Dental Handpieces

Motion Control Miniature Motor from MICROMO

Clearwater, Florida - Motion Control - The new FAULHABER 2057…BHS Brushless DC Servo Motors are designed to address the specific requirements of the medical and dental handpiece markets. While remaining cool to the touch, the high efficiency, slotless design features smooth speed control with a wide continuous duty speed range up to 40,000 rpm. These motion control motors are capable of handling intermittent overload conditions to address highly dynamic motion over shorter cycle times. Low vibration, which reduces user fatigue, and low audible noise are ideal for long periods of use in sensitive medical and dental patient environments.

Click here for more information about These High Speed Brushless Motors from MICROMO!

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