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Gotcha Stick "Gotcha Stick" from STI Features New Dimensions for Human Arm

Is Your Work Place Safe? ... STI introduces the new "Gotcha Stick" Safe Distance Scale. This three-segment safe distance stick accurately tests the allowable barrier opening size. It is based on the distance from the point of operation. It features English measurements on one side, and Metric measurements on the other.

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Keep Your Work Place Safe! Click here to Order

High Performance Ultra Compact Stepper Motor Positioning Stage From Equipment Soultions!

Motion Control compact Step Motor Stage from Equipment Solutions

Sunnyvale, CA, - — The motion control SMS12 Linear Stepper Motor stage is an ultra compact stage that provides up to 12 millimeters of linear motion. This stage offers near sub-micron resolution with the ability to accelerate a small load at 2G's. A non-contact home sensor provides a reference position with repeatability of a couple microns.

Click here for more information about this Ultra Compact Step Motor Stage from Equipment Solutions!

Motion Control Components - Open Frame XY-Rotary Systems from Intellidrives!

Intellidrives Motion Control Components - ARC Series XY Rotary Tables

Philadelphia, PA, -- Motion Control Components and Systems - Open-frame low profile XY-Rotary stages designed for wafer handling and many other automated accurate positioning applications in semiconductor manufacturing industries. XY drive mechanism located on the side of the unit and large center hole-through rotary table offer a clear unobstruced access to the wafer from both sides.

Click here for more information about these Open Frame XY Rotary Systems from Intellidrives

SAIBO's LGV Curved and Straight Block and Rail Systems Available from LM76 are Featured in YouTube Video Produced by Design World Magazine!

In this product spotlight video, Design World Senior Editor Miles Budimir and Associate Editor Mike Santora have a look at the SB-LGV linear motion system from LM76. The rails come in straight, curved, and ring geometries and the four-roller carriage blocks feature two eccentric rollers for preload adjustment.

Play The Video

Click here for more information about these Linear Motion Block and Rail Systems

Motion Control App - Linear Motion Calculator Android App from H2W Technologies, Inc.

H2W Technologies Linear Motion Control Android Calculator

Santa Clarita, CA —-- Motion Control - Android App - To help our customers understand their motion requirements and translate them into acceleration and force values, H2W Technologies has developed an Android application that solves linear motion calculations, with a range of velocity profiles. This helps the user understand which product might work best for their particular application. The motion profiles available in the calculator include triangular, trapezoidal, and sinusoidal acceleration.

Click here for more information about this Linear Motion Control Calculator App for Android Devices

100 mm Hollow Shaft Rotary Actuator from Intellidrives!

Intellidrives Motion Control Hollow Shaft Rotary Actuators

Philadelphia, PA, -- Motion Control Components and Systems - RTGA Series motorized rotation stages provide precision angular positioning accuracy combined with high load capacity. There are three stage sizes with center aperture from 32 mm to 100 mm available, optimizing load capacity, torque, speed and resolution for a variety of operating conditions. Cross-roller bearings allow for offcenter loads in a reduced footprint. The single monolithic design offers improved stiffness without compromising dynamic performance. Precise rotation is ensured by gear/pinion mechanism.

Click here for more information about these Hollow Shaft Rotary Actuators from IntelLiDrives

LM76 Expands Custom Linear Motion Control Manufacturing Capabilities!

Motion Control Componnets from LM76

E. Longmeadow, MA - Linear Motion Control Components - LM76 has greatly expanded their capabilities for machining of shafting and the manufacturing of complete Linear Motion Systems and custom components.

Click here for more information about the benefits to Users of Linear Motion Components and Systems

CANopen Motor Controllers for Electric Mobility and Vehicular Applications!

Motion Control CANopen Motor Controllers from Servo2Go

Greenville, DE — -- Motion Control - The DVC series motor controllers from Advanced Motion Controls are digital four-quadrant servo drives purpose-designed and built to operate today's modern mobile electric vehicular platforms. Providing high power from battery supplies, the DVC series features a compact design, IP65 construction and multiple operating modes for controlling either permanent magnet brushed or brushless motors. Whether for traction / propulsion, steering, lifting or any other electrically driven actuation, the DVC series is the newest member in a long line of successful motor controlling solutions from Advanced Motion Controls.

Click here for more information about these Digital Four Quadrant Drives available from Servo2Go

Motion Control Application - 3-D Laser Scanner Uses JVL's MAC Motors!

Servos from JVL used in 3D Scanner

Birkerød, Denmark and Morrow, OH (USA) -- Laser scanning is used to measure an object by scanning it with a laser and digitalising the data. Using this information, it is possible to copy or modify the scanned object in various ways using Scantech´s CAD/CAM system CARSO. The scanner system is used for restoration work, scaling models, and creating industrial moulds. For example, it is possible to scan a marble figure that is deteriorating, and use the CAD/CAM system and a 3-D lathe to produce a true copy of the pristine original. It is thus possible to save a lot of manual work.

Click here for more information about this Integrated Servo Motor Application from JVL

Multi-axes Motion Control Systems with IntelLiGent Actuators from Intellidrives!

Intellidrives Motion Control Component - Rotary Table

INTELLIGENT ACTUATORS are highly programmable, integrated actuators with a motor, encoder, amplifier, controller, USB communication, and IOs.

Philadelphia, PA, -- Motion Control Components and Systems - These stages come fully pre-configured and enable true out-of-the box controls. They are perfect for the confines and requirements of the laboratory and are also applicable for use in manufacturing environments. Rotary stages incorporate precision worm-gear drive mechanism and bearing components for accurate positioning performance over the lifetime of the product. Linear actuators are fitted with ball screws and linear ball bearings for accuracy and repeatability in precision applications.

Click here for more information about these Multi-axes Motion Control Systems available from Intellidrives

Lintech's: MR, ARC & HRC Profile Rail Linear Recirculating Bearings are available from Electromate!

Lintech MR Series, ARC Series, and HRC Series Profile Rails available from Electomate

Vaughan, Ontario, Canada -- Motion Control -Lintech’s MR, ARC & HRC Profile Rail Linear Recirculating Bearings incorporate two or four rows of re-circulating balls arranged in a 45 degree contact angle with the raceway. The rigidity under moment and torsional loads is increased by this design. Larger ball size is used to enhance the load capabilities. This design offers equal loading in all directions while providing smooth motion.

Click here for more information about these Profile Rails available from Electromate

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